Dual Arch International, Inc. is committed to assisting our clients throughout the Foreclosure process. However, our services don't stop there. Should the need arise, we can help after the sale too. As a leader in a specialized industry we are very aware of the need to employ the services of experts in their respective fields. Over the years we have developed an extensive referral network of individuals and companies that share the same level of commitment to customer service that our firm does.


Dual Arch International, Inc. has the ability to refer you to expert Bankruptcy Legal Counsel. It has been our experience, to efficiently represent our client's interest, it is generally advantageous to retain Counsel in the Bankruptcy District in which the case has been initiated. Due to our vast network of referral Attorneys, we can provide you with more than one choice in a specific geographical area. You can then select the Legal Counsel that best suits your needs. After Legal Counsel has been retained, we will coordinate all of the document production and information transfer to expedite your case.


After more than 20 years in the Foreclosure Business, we have had the pleasure of referring clients to qualified Eviction Specialists in different geographical areas. Again, experience has taught us that utilizing local Eviction companies is the most efficient means of obtaining possession of properties that revert back to our client's ownership. We will be happy to coordinate all of the document production and information transfer to assist your appointed Eviction company in pursuing possession.


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